Artist Exhibition Coming Soon!

We have wanted to have local artists exhibit their work at Neko Ngeru from the beginning. Finally, we have been able to organise ourselves so we can feature one of our muralists. Let us introduce the artist who will exhibit from our anniversary in November through...

Inky Spills the Beans

Hi, All You Humans! This is Inky filling in for Cait Sith. She has been busy training kittens, so she asked me to write about what is happening at the café. But I will start with her in the Okada house. The kittens she is training are named Olive and Oscar. They came...

Cat Flu Again?

We have another case of cat flu in the cafe. Nox was diagnosed on Thursday the 5th of July so we have isolated him at Ken and Richelle's home.  He is doing well and taking his antibiotics like a trencher. He still loves to cuddle, so being apart from everyone most of...

Cait Sith Says Thank You!

Greetings Humans Many of you have come to the café so Richelle and Ken are feeling grateful. Inky says that all the cats are working very hard, although I suspect he is working hard on his sleeping techniques. I came to supervise the cats a few times last month—they...

Cait Sith Asks for Help

Greetings Humans It has been a hard time physically, mentally, emotionally and financially at Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Café. I recently visited since the café is flu free now (last big clean was Sunday June 5). I was surprised at how hard-working the handful of cats...

Cait Sith Tells About Cat Flu Cleaning

Greetings Humans I, Cait Sith, have been busy training Inky, a kitten from Feral Nation, to replace me as worker cat in the café. He is ready to go but the outbreak of Cat Flu amongst the café cats has delayed his debut. Richelle was away for a while, so Ken had to...

Cait Sith Tells of Events at Neko Ngeru

Greetings Humans! We Cats are really enjoying life at the café. Lots of humans have come to pet and play with us and some of us have found those special humans we want to stay with forever. Since the last letter we have had eleven more graduate: Harlequin Rose, Teddy,...

Cait Sith Tells About the Cats’ Moves

Greetings Humans! A lot has been happening here at Neko Ngeru so I thought I would take a moment to tell you all about it. First, I will tell you about the recent adoptions! Sharon is now a boat cat. She is so happy as the queen of her own small kingdom that no other...

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Do you remember Domino from FeralNation? This cute boy got ring worm and was isolated on the 1st of July. Today he was finally cleared by the vet! The family of his foster sister Daisy is committed to adopt him (we so appreciate their understanding and patience!) so he won’t come back to the cafe but go for a trial directly on this Thursday the 22nd! Wish him (and Daisy’s) luck! ... See MoreSee Less

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Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe

Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe's cover photo ... See MoreSee Less

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