Cait Sith Says Thank You!

Greetings Humans Many of you have come to the café so Richelle and Ken are feeling grateful. Inky says that all the cats are working very hard, although I suspect he is working hard on his sleeping techniques. I came to supervise the cats a few times last month—they...

Cait Sith Asks for Help

Greetings Humans It has been a hard time physically, mentally, emotionally and financially at Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Café. I recently visited since the café is flu free now (last big clean was Sunday June 5). I was surprised at how hard-working the handful of cats...

Cait Sith Tells About Cat Flu Cleaning

Greetings Humans I, Cait Sith, have been busy training Inky, a kitten from Feral Nation, to replace me as worker cat in the café. He is ready to go but the outbreak of Cat Flu amongst the café cats has delayed his debut. Richelle was away for a while, so Ken had to...

Cait Sith Tells of Events at Neko Ngeru

Greetings Humans! We Cats are really enjoying life at the café. Lots of humans have come to pet and play with us and some of us have found those special humans we want to stay with forever. Since the last letter we have had eleven more graduate: Harlequin Rose, Teddy,...

Cait Sith Tells About the Cats’ Moves

Greetings Humans! A lot has been happening here at Neko Ngeru so I thought I would take a moment to tell you all about it. First, I will tell you about the recent adoptions! Sharon is now a boat cat. She is so happy as the queen of her own small kingdom that no other...

Cait Sith looks back on 2017

Greetings Humans!  So much happened in 2017. Most importantly, we opened the cafe at 291 Jackson St. Richelle and Ken took a lot of pictures while it was getting ready and I would like to share some of them with you.  Many volunteers helped us to paint the walls but...

Cait Sith Introduces the Café Cats

Greetings Humans!   It is hard to believe that the café has only been open for a few weeks. So much has happened in that time. Richelle and Ken are getting better at cleaning up at the end of the day, but I still wait a long time in my carrier while they dither...

Re-homing Karla’s Cats

We recently got a request for help from someone who needs to re-home her six cats. Since we cannot take the cats of private individuals, we promised to help by publishing the information on our social media. Please look at the pictures and descriptions that Karla sent...

Cait Sith Takes a Moment to Share

Greetings Humans! I have been so busy lately working at the cafe (my humans bring me there almost every day!) that I have not had time to dictate to Richelle so she can send the meowsletter to you. Even this message will be short since I am at the cafe even now. I...

Our Facebook Page

Happy Caturday, everyone! I'm Sage, one of the 5 kittens from Dump Cats! And Saxon's with me. Smooches, Shylo and Sabbath are also here now. 😸 The cafe is full from 3pm to 4pm but we do have some space at other times. Give us a call at 04-589-CATS (2287) to check availablity! ... See MoreSee Less

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Rachel of DumpCats went to her new home yesterday for a two week trial. She is adoption 57. We miss her but are sure she will be very happy with her new family. By the way, we are open tomorrow. There are five new kittens out in the cafe. Call ahead to book a time or try your luck. ... See MoreSee Less

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Enjoy Easter Holiday like Athena, everyone!! 😂 We are closed today, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday but we are open tomorrow Saturday the 20th!
BTW, Athena is still available! 😄
... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you Dominion Post and the someone who submitted this photo! We can see Harry (now Jasper) and Sydney (Zoro) so the other black & white cat must be Spot! They are all doing great in their furever homes!! #adoptdontshop #nekongeru #petoftheday #tuxedocats #catswindow #catsanddogs ... See MoreSee Less

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Please meet Saxon (black) and Sage (tabby) from Dumpcats! They are part of a litter of five and the other 3 will join them soon. They are quite shy so please be patient with them! #nekongeru #kittensofinstagram #kittens #blackcats #tabbykitten #blackkitten ... See MoreSee Less

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