We work closely with four animal rescue organizations in the Wellington region. They are:

  • Outpawed
  • Upper Hutt Animal Rescue Society
  • FeralNation
  • Wairarapa Community Kitties

Most of our cats are carefully selected by them for this cat cafe environment after receiving veterinary care like vaccinations, de-worming, micro-chipping and de-sexing. When you adopt one (or more!) of our cats, the adoption fee below applies. All the rescue groups have different prices based on age, since younger cats are more popular.  This adoption fee is very important for them to keep up their rescue activities. We pay whatever the group charges, but have the following fees.  (We think all cats are lovely no matter their age.)

  • Teens (under 1 year) – $170
  • Adults (over 1 year) – $100

If you are thinking about adoption, please let one of our staff know and get more information. Everyone needs time to think about such a big decision, so we WILL NOT let you take our cats straight away. You need to follow our procedure because we would like to find a perfect match for our cats.