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Neko Ngeru Cat Cafe

Our retail shop is now open at 215 High Street,
only one block from Queensgate Mall!

We are sorry we cannot give you any opening date.

We met the fire engineer and were told we still need firewalls! Here’s the reason. The 1st floor is more than 40% of the ground floor area. Current rules require firewalls in this situation. The change of use – part of the first floor was an office and we are changing it to a cat cafe. This triggers the requirement that we upgrade the building.

We were very very discouraged by these requirements. We gave up the idea of living there because the cost of firewalls are too much for us but we are still facing the same problem. If we need to add the firewall, it is beyond our budget. We do not want to risk our business and our life with a lot of debt.

Another difficulty is a builder. Even after more than a month, we still do not have a proper quote from the builder! We started asking other builders now…

Hope we can have a meeting with Council next week and get a good answer…


Shop Opening Hours
Wednesday to Sunday
11am to 2pm

Our Mission

Our moto is ‘Love Cats. Love People.’ This means we have a commitment to serve the needs of the cats in our care and the people who love them, our customers. Our cat café is designed to provide a safe, relaxing space for both cats and humans giving them the chance to interact in positive ways. Our cats get a chance to be socialised and find their adoptive home. Our customers get a chance to enjoy ‘cat relaxation therapy’ whether they are looking for a new cat to adopt or not.







Even if you are not in Wellington area, you can buy our unique merchandise here! 

We have changed our shipping method/charge. Instead of free shipping, we charge $5 for regular shipping but we reduced the price for each item. So if you buy multiple items, this would be cheaper for you. If you order more than $100, it will be free shipping except for a few bulky or heavy items. The rural shipping is $10.


You can also shop for our unique merchandise at our table at the Welly Collective in Courtenay Place, Wellington!


How it works


A cat is rescued from the public or a rescue organisation, often coming from a traumatic or difficult situation. We do vet checks, vaccinations and de-sexing if needed.


Our fosterers look after the cat/kitten and teach them how to interact with humans as we check to make sure it has no communicable diseases or other serious issues.

At the cafe

Once the cat/kitten is ready, he/she will come to the cafe and stay with us for a minimum of four weeks, this is the time for them to pick a new family.


After a successful trial time of two weeks with the new family, the adoption is official and the cat graduates from Neko Ngeru.

While we’re relocating…

If you are looking to adopt a cat or kitten, here are a few of the rescue organisations you can reach to.


Our retail shop is open at 215 High Street, Lower Hutt.