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Wellington’s first cat adoption cafe

Welcome to Wellington’s first Cat Adoption Cafe – Neko Ngeru!   “Neko” means cat in Japanese and “Ngeru” also means cat in Maori so our name is translated as “Cat Cat Cat  Adoption Cafe!”   Neko Ngeru was founded to give you opportunities to cuddle and play with cats and also for more opportunities for our guest cats to be adopted! A percent of our profits go to the four rescue organisations we work with: Wairarapa Community Kitties, Upper Hutt Animal Rescue Society, Outpawed, and Feral Nation.


How does it work?

Children and babies are welcome with attentive adult care. It is a good chance to teach them to treat cats well. (However, we do not have high chairs or changing tables.) We do not charge for guests under the age of 2 and have discounts for those under 14.  Guests with Senior Gold cards or Student cards also receive discounts as do families with young children. Regular adult entry to the cat play area is $10 per person per hour and $6 for half an hour. 

We are open from 10am to 5pm daily except public holidays. Friday we are open until 8pm and Saturday until 6pm.

Weekends tend to be busy so we recommend you check our booking system and book yourself a time with the cats to avoid disappointment. We will take walk in’s if we have space and the next hour is not fully booked. The booking system closes 12 hours before the time, so call us if you are wondering about coming in the next few hours.

If you wish to come in from 9am and your party is four or more, please contact us by email at mastercat@nekongeru.nz at least 24 hours before to make arrangements. 

Guest Cats

These are rescued cats who stay with us but are adoptable. Right now they are getting ready to come to Neko Ngeru.


Our opening date is the 18th November, and our Booking System is live! Booking is recommended to ensure your space.


We already have some quality products from Japan and soon will have more items to delight and inspire you.


Watch this space to see what is happening in the rescue community. These groups are great. Please support them as much as you can.

Meet Our Cats

Here you can find individual information about each of our adoptable cats. All of our cats come from rescue organisations around Wellington and have been de-sexed, vaccinated and de-wormed. We learn the stories of all the cats we care for and post them here for you to know some of their unique and exciting histories. As we interact with them on a day to day basis, we add more information so you can make an informed decision about whether you want to bring one into your family and home.

Book Online

Videos of our Cats

Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe walk-through! 


Opening Hours

Monday:        10am – 5pm
Tuesday:       10am – 5pm
Wednesday:  10am – 5pm
Thursday:      10am – 5pm
Friday:           10am – 5pm &
                      6pm – 8pm (adult only night)
Saturday:       9am – 6pm
Sunday:         10am – 5pm

(we can open at 9am on any day if we have 4 or more people. Please contact us by email if you are interested!)

Address:  291 Jackson Street, Petone
Phone:     04 589 2287

Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe