to Neko Ngeru

the first cat cafe in Wellington Region

We already have a lot of bookings during this long weekend! So we decided to open on Monday, the Queen Birthday from 10am to 3pm!

We have 7 kittens available. However, they need to stay for a month in the cafe so we can study their personality and can find the best match for them and also so their sponsors have time to meet them. You can fill the application and you will be one of the potential adopters!

During Alert Level two, we’ll still do food delivery over $20 around Petone as long as your food is in stock. Order a day ahead to avoid disappointment.

Alert Level Two Safety

  • Book ahead online, sending a message or call 04 589 CATS (2287)
  • Limit of ten people in the cat room at any time
  • Give way to people exiting the café and cat room
  • Register the names of those in your group and give contact phone number(s)
  • Check in at the till; you can order from inside the cat room or order quickly at the till
  • Follow instructions from catler and barista staff who are trying to do crowd control
  • Keep one metre distance in the cat room from people who are not in your group
  • Stay seated as much as possible. Move to be near a cat but then sit down.
  • If you start to cough or sneeze, wear a mask (one can be provided) or go home







Nine different functions of Neko Ngeru

Just as a cat has ‘nine’ lives, Neko Ngeru has nine different functions on its site!

  1. Cat Room – you can play and/or chill out with our cats. Cats are great for relaxation!
  2. Adoption Centre – you can find the ‘purrfect’ cat for you and your family!
  3. School of ‘cat-craft and kittenry’ – our student cats learn how to behave here.
  4. Café – you can buy delicious coffee and food in the cat room, café and/or takeaway!
  5. Event room– we host a lot of fun events like cat yoga, movie night and cat toy making!
  6. Cat merchandise – many things cats need and cat lovers want from NZ and abroad.
  7. Function Centre – you can have a private function like a birthday party or team building!
  8. Local Artist Gallery & Exhibitions – we support local artists by giving space to exhibit.
  9. Educational Centre – learn how to improve the lives of all cats in NZ, cat health and safety, TNR, and how to better interact with your cat.

Student Cats

These are rescued cats who are at Neko Ngeru, School of Cat-craft and Kittenry.

Cafe Menu

Check out our cafe menu! We serve Revive coffee, t leat T tea and some food like Sushi! 


We have quality products from Japan and China. We also have locally made items too.


Watch this space to see what is happening @ Neko Ngeru and in the rescue community. We have unique events like Cat Yoga and Cat Bingo. (=^・^=)

Meet Our Cats

Here you can find individual information about each of our adoptable cats. All of our cats come from rescue organisations around Wellington and have been de-sexed, vaccinated and de-wormed. We learn the stories of all the cats we care for and post them here for you to know some of their unique and exciting histories. As we interact with them on a day to day basis, we add more information so you can make an informed decision about whether you want to bring one into your family and home.

Videos of our Cats

Mid March, Bobcat filmworks came to the cafe to interview Richelle. We hope you enjoy watching this great video and can learn at lot about Neko Ngeru! (=^・^=)

Opening Hours

Monday:       Closed
Tuesday:      Closed
Wednesday:  10am-2pm
Thursday:      10am-2pm
Friday:            10am-2pm
Saturday:       10am-4pm
Sunday:          10am-3pm

Address:  291 Jackson Street, Petone
Phone:     04 589 2287

Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe