Links to Rescue Organizations


Loose Leash Cat Rescue

We want to help the Left Behind Cats, The Unsocialised Cats and the Gorge Colony Cats.

Base: Newland, Wellington

Homepage: Loose Leash Cat Rescue



FeralNation & Cat Rehabilitation

FeralNation & Cat rehabilitation is a non-profit organisation specialising in socialising feral cats, kittens and rehabilitating felines with disabilities.

Base: Hataitai, Wellington



KittyCat Rehoming

KittyCat Rehoming Wairarapa is going into its third year helping cats in the Wairarapa. The SPCA in the Wairarapa closed in 2015 and left a big gap in animal welfare in the area. Originally the group was started in January 2017 to rehome stray and abandoned cats, rehome cats for owners in difficult circumstances and tame feral kittens. KRW rehomed 33 cats and kittens in 2017 and 35 in 2018. Now that the SPCA in Masterton is open again and are looking after stray, abandoned and surrendered cats, KRW is concentrating on taming feral kittens and finding homes for them as this is not always able to be covered by the SPCA.

Base: Wairarapa 

Homepage: KittyCat Rehoming

Dump Cats

Masterton has an issue with dumped and stray cats. Our aim is to start dealing with that problem at the Masterton Rubbish Dump and see if we can bring one large colony under control. We hope to expand our operations if we succeed!

Base: Wairarapa 

Homepage: Dump Cats

Cat Protection League

The mission of Cat Protection League is to take in displaced or unwanted cats and rehome them where possible (via a waiting list unless special circumstances exist). The cats need to be able to be handled for the best possible results for both people & cats. They also aim to inform the public on the care of cats and kittens and to encourage the desexing of all cats not required for breeding

Base: Kingston, Wellington




HUHA is NZ’s leading no kill shelter and is dedicated to teaching empathy to the community and providing shelter for those less fortunate animals that struggle to survive in today’s disposable culture. The sanctuaries are fun and interactive in many ways, designed to encourage our community to be proactive and take responsibility for the welfare of animals and the protection of our unique environment. HUHA actively works every day to find homes and foster care for a multitude of homeless, abandoned, seized and abused animals. We’re here to help you help animals.

Base: Otaki and Upper Hutt



Wairarapa Community Kitties

We are a group dedicated to humanely reducing the uncontrolled breeding of un-owned and abandoned felines in the towns from Featherstone through to Eketahuna of the Wairarapa region by practising humane trapping and where possible FIV Testing, desexing and vaccinating all the cats and kittens that are able to be socialized and then adopted out. In the case, of an adult cat being unsocialized, and if the property owner is willing to become a person in charge for this animal, we use Trap-Neuter-Return. This improves the life of the cats by removing unwanted pregnancies for the Queens and unneccessary fighting and spread of disease for the Toms.
As there is a diverse amount of wildlife throughout our beautiful region, we are also strongly working to find a balance for cat owners and the native wildlife and, by reducing the breeding and un-owned animals, we are beginning to achieve this. 

Base: Wairarapa 


Rescue Organisations around the Wellington Region


Outpawed is a NZ registered charity dedicated to the care and management of stray and feral cats in the Wellington region and the lower North Island, including Horowhenua/Manawatu. . They provide shelter for wild cats/kittens and aim to desex, socialise, vaccinate, microchip and find homes for as many of these cats as possible. They are also involved in TNR for cats that cannot be integrated into a household environment. Where TNR is necessary, cats are released into managed colonies where they are fed and monitored.

Base: Whitby, Porirua



Kitten Inn

The Kitten Inn is a registered not for profit charitable trust based in Kelson, Lower Hutt. 

They take in unwanted pregnant cats, and kittens from throughout the Wellington region. We also regularly run discounted desexing programs to encourage and help people to responsibly desex their cats.

Base: Kelson, Lower Hutt