A Letter from Po to Inky

Dear professor,   I heard that you are back from the sanitorium, and I didn't get the chance to say goodbye before I moved away. So I thought I would write you a little letter to tell you what "being adopted" is like.    First, I now live with no other cats!...

A Pet Safety Guide

We are happy to share this Pet Safety Guide from House Method. It is oriented towards Americans but still has some useful information for us here.  

Inky in Isolation (with a few friends and enemies)

Greetings Humans,   I am not writing to you from my usual comfortable position in the café but rather from the cramped quarantine quarters which I share with my fellow sufferers: Tiger Lily, Conner and that annoying fellow Domino (he's the one in the feature...

Inky Tells You the Latest News

Greetings Humans, We had a nice and busy time around the school holiday and warm weather. We appreciate all the people who come to the café, but we especially love those who come back. Now that the season is turning, we will need the support of our regular friends to...

Fun Events at Neko Ngeru

Cat Assisted Yoga is continuing on Tuesday evenings and Thursday afternoons fortnightly. Please check our events page on Facebook or bookings link to see when the next classes are. The cats assist at their own pleasure so we cannot guarantee what they will do but they...

Inky talks about Cat Etiquette

Greeting Humans, Now that I’m an adult, I guess I should adopt a more serious tone and deal with a somewhat difficult topic: politeness. Not everyone knows that we cats care about protocol and formality. We like our routines and appreciate it when humans comply with...

Inky Tells All

Greetings Humans! Inky here again. It has been far too long since the last letter to you, so I am taking over from Cait Sith. In case you were wondering, she is okay. Just busy with new kittens to train. Or, at least, that is her excuse. How hard can kittens be,...

Euthanizing and End of Life Care: Making the Hard Choices

Yesterday's (November 7, 2018) presentation at the NZCAR meeting provoked a lot of ideas for the cafe and memories of Madara and Mao who passed away in Shanghai. Madara, our tortie girl, was 15 when she got sick. We were trying to feed her and she choked, dying in our...

Our Facebook Page

Do you remember Domino from FeralNation? This cute boy got ring worm and was isolated on the 1st of July. Today he was finally cleared by the vet! The family of his foster sister Daisy is committed to adopt him (we so appreciate their understanding and patience!) so he won’t come back to the cafe but go for a trial directly on this Thursday the 22nd! Wish him (and Daisy’s) luck! ... See MoreSee Less

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Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe

Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe's cover photo ... See MoreSee Less

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