Greetings Humans,

I want to congratulate you on becoming more like cats. Of course, I’m talking about how you are staying inside and when you do go out, staying in your territory. You are also washing your paws more often and only touching those who are in what you call your ‘bubble’. This is all to be commended.

I never expected to say this but, I miss you. I recall with regret all the times at the café when I was isolating myself in the privacy area. Although I was using the time to think about what to write for the next newsletter, I could have been out playing and cuddling with you. Now that I am at the Okada’s home, I find I need cuddles and play all the time. Conner and Tiger Lily are great companions, after all, we got used to being isolated together when we all contracted ringworm last year. Returning to Master Cait Sith and Ton’s territory has been a bit harder. We are staying separate most of the time. That’s mainly because Tiger Lily wants to attack Master Cait Sith and Conner wants to eat all their food. I want to play with them, but I cannot say where my loyalties lie: with my old teachers or my current friends?  Maybe some of you are finding that relationships are a bit harder when you cannot get away. Well, this situation shouldn’t last forever. As a matter of fact, I have heard that people want to support our café to make sure we can open again when lockdown is over. That’s really encouraging. There are a few ways to do it: buy vouchers either through our website booking page


or donate directly through them or by contacting Ken and Richelle at

or buy cat food and litter through our Facebook online shop which we can then safely deliver if you live in our territory. (That is Wellington and Lower Hutt.)

The last three days before the lockdown really shook me up. We did so many adoptions so quickly I hardly had time to say goodbye. Jet and Nabi had been waiting a while to go to their new home. Puss in Boots was also long planned. But Molly and Zoe also went to new homes and Tyrion went to be fostered with a good older brother, Hansel, on that same Tuesday. By the way, Zoe loves being called Precious by her new people so much she has insisted on a name change. On Wednesday, Chenzo went back to live in his old home with the Loose Leash Cat Rescue heroines so he is okay and Pan also found her new home is great for sunbathing.

That may leave you wondering if there will be any cats in the café when we reopen. There should be. We have seven kittens in foster homes: Ladybug, Gladys, Peaches, Beta, Kappa, Peanut (who was Mini) and Domino (who was Maxi). They are growing well and staying healthy. All but Ladybug and Gladys still need their operations, microchips and vaccinations. We hope that the vets can start doing those again soon because there are also some more cats and kittens we have in line. That’s why it is so important that we stay strong and survive so we can rescue and rehome more cats.