Greetings Humans,

The time surely slips by when life is good. I have been relaxing into retired life, making new friends and trying new things. I can see why so many humans look forward to retirement.

I was scared at first and didn’t know what to expect, being carried away from all my friends, so I cried the whole windy way of the car trip. But, when I got to the familiar place with so many memories of lock down and my kittenhood training under Master Cait Sith, I really understood what Richelle was talking about when she said I was ‘going home’. I must admit I did a little happy dance and went from room to room just to make sure it was all here.

first night at home

Now, I am settling into routines of asking for lots of cuddles, sleeping on the bed, playing with Master Cait Sith and Ton, eating all the ‘left over’ food that they leave behind when they go out. Speaking of going out, I have been trying a bit of that too.

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Dressed for Dinner

At first, I didn’t understand why I had to put on a funny vest before I got my food, but Conner and Tiger were doing it too, so I guess it was like dressing for dinner. That was during the lockdown when we were all at the Okada’ together. Then one day, while I was still dressed after eating, Richelle opened a door and invited me to go through it. I was so scared. There were so many new smells and sounds out there. I wasn’t ready. Fast forward to my retirement. The invitation to go outside was offered a few more times before I accepted the challenge. I was with Richelle and Ken and Master Cait Sith. Ton was out there somewhere. So, it was probably safe enough. That was when I saw it—the grass! Not just in a little pot but all over the place! It was easy to munch as much as I wanted even if I wasn’t really comfortable about standing on it. Uncomfortable is an understatement. There were still so many things that I just didn’t know about—like the wind. It makes things move and there are scary sounds that seem so random. Once it knocked me off the deck railing, but my acrobatic skills saved me from falling all the way off. My scramble back was not as good a performance as my many races around the café course, but it was enough. Now that I am getting familiar, I think I will be able to go out on my own. Next, I will need to learn how to use the mysterious thing they call ‘the cat door’.

Inky eating grass

Don’t expect too many reports from me now that I have retired. Days merge into one another but I will let you know if something interesting happens here. I am not sure who is going to take over reporting about the café, but I have heard that Conner and Tiger Lily are ‘having discussions’ about who will do it.