Greetings Humans,

I have been thinking of this for a while now, wondering how to tell you. I need a holiday, a long holiday; one from which I may not return. You may have noticed that I was spending a lot of time on my own in the privacy areas of the café even before the lockdown. Then, at the Okada’s house, I re-discovered my true happy place. I never wanted lockdown to end. Back at the café, I tried to be positive and interact with people, but I found myself running from strangers and sudden movements. I don’t even enjoy chasing the feather toy around the room as much as I once did. Things will be better once I am back at the Okada’s.


I will stay at the café for another two weeks to farewell the people who want to see me before I go into retirement. I do not promise I will be able to come out of hiding though. There are so many active and cuddly kittens, you may not even miss me. Peaches has been training to be a professor cat. It is handy that we have a replacement so ready to step into the job. She is going to be even better than me since she is not afraid of anything and likes to be cuddled by strangers. Tiger Lily tolerates her, and she gets along well with Conner (of course, everyone does).

As new kittens come, there will be graduations. Gladys is looking forward to climbing up high in her new home so she can observe her new humans until she feels safe to come down all playful and cuddly as she has been in the café the last week or so.
Beta is eager to try stealing food in his new home and going outside on harness once he figures out how to get comfortable in it. Kappa hopes he will be dominant like uncle Conner in his new place. Ladybug is nervous about new places but is sure her new people will love her very much and give her the time she needs to adjust. Since she and Kappa have bonded in the café, we will be sending them to the same home so they can carry on cuddling and grooming each other. Domina is so pleased that she will be the pampered princess of her new home. She is also getting used to the harness and will be pleased with it once she sees how flattering it is to her figure. Peanut is going to a lovely young lady who is glad to be her personal servant.







Mocca should arrive on June 24. She nearly got to stay with her foster, but she has learned that she has to be cuddly with both members of a partnership to really get a place in a family.  Her sister, Nina, will probably come on June 29 after her de-sexing surgery. All the humans thought she was pregnant, but it turns out she was just extra fluffy!  Aroha, Atawhai, and Anzac will come to the café in early July if they pass their quarantine at the Okada’s. They are three black kittens from the Wairarapa who were rescued from the bush on Anzac Day. They are cautious, but cuddly once they trust us. Anzu and Eevee should get their second vaccinations in mid-July and come to the café soon after. These tabby girls are hard to tell apart in photos, but we should be fine when we see them in person. They are already asking their foster for many cuddles.

During the next school holiday, on June 7 from 10-11am, we will offer our second Cat Care and Communication Course for five and six-year-olds plus their caregiver. This course enables a child to earn a badge proving their gentleness and good behaviour around cats. Later, they can come back to the café with their caregiver wearing their badge to be allowed entry to the cat room. The cost is $22 for adult and child (and includes badge if it is earned). Booking is necessary and spaces are limited.