Tiger Lily– I thought you were going to do it.

Conner– I thought you were!

TL– Well, it didn’t get done.

C– So, let’s do it.

TL– Do what?

C– The newsletter. Isn’t that what you are complaining about?

TL– We can’t write all fancy like Inky. How can we do the newsletter?

C– Just like this. Like a conversation.

TL– Okay, if you say so. But, how should we start?

C– I think we already did. We just need to continue. Let’s talk about the past few months.

TL– Well, a lot has happened since Inky retired. So many new cats coming and getting adopted plus the new professors; that’s gonna take a while.

C– It’s okay. We’ll just do it bit by bit. Start with the adoptions.

TL– There was Gladys, and Beta and Kappa, who are Peaches’ brothers plus Ladybug (I hated her!)

C– Yeah, I wondered about that. What was going on?

TL– She gave me lip!

C– I’ve told you you could relax a bit on the discipline front. You’ve got to earn their respect, not demand it.

TL—Anyway…she wasn’t the worst. Then came Domina and Peanut, Mocha and Nina. Simpering princesses—made me sick! Eevee showed proper respect but Anzu was so cheeky. She had the nerve to chase me even!  And to top it all, that rascal Toulouse. He was too big for his britches! Don’t get me started on the triplets: Anzac, Atawhai and Aroha. They even ganged up on me!

Domina is now Momo

Peanut’s adoption

Mocha’s adoption

Nina’s adoption

Eevee adoption

Anzu’s adoption

Toulouse’s adoption

Anzac in his new home

Atawhai in her new home

Aroha with her person

C—I don’t think you are being fair to them. They were all really nice once I got to know them.

TL—Yeah, you didn’t mind ‘getting to know’ some of them at all, did you? Got really cuddly close to lots of them but I’m not jealous or anything, mind you!

C—This is how I do my work. They just need care, understanding and a good wash every once in a while.

TL—That style didn’t work with Jeff, though did it?

C—Yeah. He was a tough one. I could see he was trying to take over by beating up the smaller guys and doing sneak attacks on you girls. I admire the way you stood up to him every time. If he had come at me in a straight fight, I could have taken him down. I guess he knew that, so his attacks were always behind my back. I remember that’s how it was with other cats when I was outside alone. I wish he could have understood that things are different in the café.

TL—I was outside on my own even longer than you, so maybe that’s where some of my toughness comes from. I heard he is really happy in his new place.

C—Yes, they all are. They all have good homes with good people now. Like us. So, let’s talk about the new professors. Are you okay with Peaches then?

TL—She has good moments, but a bit of growing up to do. I don’t know. I have to take it day by day.

C—She is cute and cuddly most of the time, but I see what you mean. What do you think of Valentin?

TL—He has potential. It seems he’s easygoing and fun enough to play with sometimes. He doesn’t bother me.

C—I bet you miss playing with Inky, but you seem to get along pretty well with everyone in the café now.

TL—Yeah, Basil, Semyon and Rhysand are all respectful enough and Pepper stays away from all of us. Not even you have been able to win her over.

C—No, she goes her own way and even gives the humans a bit of attitude when she’s had enough petting.

TL—She will be better as the queen of her own place without other cats to bother her. I am sure they will all have good homes and go as soon as we get new cats in to replace them.

C—Tell you who I miss most is Billy. When do you think he will be back from getting his teeth done?

TL—Who knows? You just miss his special food and the scraps you could beg. As usual, thinking with your stomach! I wouldn’t want to be like him without any teeth. How could I bite uppity kittens?

C—As if you ever really bit anyone! Big talker!  Hey, wanna bite someone? Let’s wrestle!

TL—You’re on, come at me!