Greetings Humans!

Happy New Year! I have heard it is the year of the rat in some places of the world. I wonder if that means that there will be more rats this year? If so, I am sure we could catch any that come into Neko Ngeru! The only rats I have ever seen, however, are actually toys. That reminds me, we are going to have another toy making event on the 28th of February from 6:30-7:30. I remember the last time that delicious catnip mice were made at the café. I hope you will come and make some.

Lots of mice made by Nicki

Speaking of events, there will be a Cat Quiz Night on the 13th of March so you can get your team together and come show off your knowledge of all things catly. (Most of the questions are not cat related, but I have been teaching Richelle a thing or two about us cats which will show up on the quiz.) The Valentines Singles’ Event was such fun that we are going to have another one on the evening of March 27th. This time, though, it will be for people who want to meet other LGBTQ people. There is a reason I wear this rainbow collar and it’s not just because it’s pretty. (But it IS though…pretty, I mean…like me!) Some of you may know that Ken is Japanese. We are going to have our first ever Japan Night on April 10th. Whew! That’s a lot to plan for. I like evening events because I am more awake and want to play. If you want to organize a party or get-together; you could consider the cat café. You can have up to 20 people to come play with us.

Jynx in his new home

Fang with his new boy





Saxon in a ‘saxy’ pose for yoga

Saxon and Oscar hiding out in the back

Oscar doing window marketing

The last few weeks we have had so many adoptions. When we finally got new cats into the café we could let the graduating cats go to their new homes. Jynx, Fang, Adora, Romeo, Montana, Saxon, Oscar and Hansel have all gone. (I don’t think I even got a chance to introduce Hansel. He is a big, ten-month old ginger and white boy who talks big but has settled down after getting a little schooling from us.)  There will be over 80 adoptions finalized by the time this letter is sent if all goes well. We never count an adoption as official until the graduate cat has tried out the new home for two weeks. The new kittens sure are bold! They are five-month-old siblings. The boys are Jet (big, black and mouthy), Tyrion (playful and laid-back tabby) and Puss in Boots (the clever, cuddly tuxedo).  The girls are Zoe (fearless and playful white and grey) and Nabi (snuggly with a black butterfly shaped mark across her white face). They have never been hungry or cold and have always been well treated so they think all humans are great playmates and beds. Most of them have a few applications so will go to the home which seems best for them sometime in March once we get more cats to replace them. Only Jet doesn’t have an application yet. Why is it that we black cats have such troubles?

Ken and Richelle are working hard to get more cats to come to the café. Aside from asking their rescue groups, they are also starting to accept cats from private people. Romeo was an example of this new system. They had to visit him in his home to see if he was friendly and his people had to bring him to our vet to make sure he was healthy, and we had to keep him in our foster’s home for a ten-day quarantine. I suppose he worked out well even though I was jealous that he was fluffier than me. The five are an example of a new system in place for accepting kittens from regular people. In order to do more of that, we need more fosters. So, if you are interested in helping us as a foster, please let Ken or Richelle know so they can send you an application and stuff like that.


Tyrion at the foster’s home

Puss in Boots at the foster’s home



I had better send this while this news is still new!