Is Pet Insurance right for you? What type should you get? What’s the difference. Recently, Consumers Advocate sent us the results of their study. It was tailored to the US market, so we requested a version suited to NZ. They sent us the following: 

Cat-Lovers of New Zealand Assemble!


One of our top concerns as cat owners is making sure all of their medical needs are met. That includes regular vet visits, paying for medications and preventative care, and taking care of them when they get into an accident or develop a health condition.


While we’re more than happy to do this, if our feline friend requires continuous medical attention or if a costly accident happens, cat owners can easily find themselves in a dicey situation. That’s where pet insurance comes in.


This article at not only focuses on the best pet insurers – many of which, unfortunately might not be available here in NZ – but also on what to consider and watch out for when shopping around for the best plans. Overall, pet insurance tends to cost between $38 to $70 each month – sometimes less depending on the coverage.


According to the article, it’s particularly important to pay attention to the different coverages (comprehensive, accidents-only, and wellness-only) as well as to the benefits limits, which range from unlimited lifetime coverage, to annual caps, limits on the coverage of certain incidents, and even a lifetime maximum.


Finally, there’s also a couple of additional factors to consider when choosing an insurer such as checking to see how the company pays out their claims (directly to the vet or by reimbursing you), and whether they have limits on how old/young a cat can be in order to get enrolled in an insurance plan.


It’s a straightforward guide with tips that can help you consider whether pet insurance is right for you.

Edited: I also found a local guide to pet insurance recently here