Hi, All You Humans!

This is Inky filling in for Cait Sith. She has been busy training kittens, so she asked me to write about what is happening at the café. But I will start with her in the Okada house. The kittens she is training are named Olive and Oscar. They came with their brother Othiel late last month all really afraid of humans. Othiel was so frozen, he went to another Dump Cats foster for individual care. He is doing fine now and even sits on laps to get petted. Olive was pretty quick to accept human affection. Oscar needed a lot more work, but now he will come to Richelle for petting and will let Ken pet him if they are playing. Cait Sith runs all over the house with them and showed them how to use the kitty parkour.  They should be old enough for the café in a few weeks. I bet they will still be skittish, but they will eventually come out to play.

Chiu and friend

Speaking of shy guys, Chiu found a good home! Even though he couldn’t handle the café, we were able to connect him with someone who was looking for a cuddly, dog-friendly cat. Now his name is Captain Jack. I saw a picture of him licking his new dog friend’s ears. I suppose that is true friendship. We had a dog come to the café so we could see what they are like. I was not really that interested but maybe I will investigate next time.

Mr Fox and family

Mr. Fox went with his new family. They report that he is happy and able to tolerate the baby really well. (I, personally, admire this ability. Most of the time when babies come to play, I go to a high bed and pretend to be asleep.)


Lotte and Sparkle went to live at our barista Jake’s house. You can see they have a nice view of the city from their window perch bed. I hear they have been helping with the moving boxes and paper shredding tasks.

Harry and Sydney went to their new home together. Harry was out exploring right away, and Sydney decided it was safe a day later. They are loving it!

Harry, Sydney and family

Trixie should go to her new person in November and Conner and Spot are going together in January.

We could not have let these cats go unless we had replacements coming in. So, now I will tell you about them. Ms. Max, Cleo, Hazel and Ophelia, all came Saturday the 20thof October. Ms. Max is a strong girl from Kitty Cat Rehoming Wairarapa.

Ms Max

She was judged to be too unsocial by another rescue group but luckily the people caring for her kept trying.  She won Richelle’s heart and so will be a permanent worker cat like me. I love wresting with her and she gets along with Jess and Chenzo just fine.


Cleo was surrendered to Outpawed when she had her kittens. The kittens all found homes and now she is looking for some loving humans to give her lots of attention and cuddles.


Hazel and Ophelia were rescued by Dump Cats and they get along well together although sometimes they act like they don’t know the other is there. (I don’t understand girls!) Hazel is already coming down to play but Ophelia is staying up above the book case. Hazel has had some nice people fill out an application for her but will stay with us a month, so we can know what kind of home is right for her. Others can apply, and we will pick the best match. (I will certainly tell Richelle and Ken what I think. I may look like I’m sleeping but I can still form an opinion.)


The events are getting more fun and interesting. We still have bingo, yoga and massage but now we also have a cat behaviourist giving three talks the 30th of October, the 13th of November and in early December, answering your questions. Plus, we will have our first ever movie night showing “Kiki’s Delivery Service” on Halloween night. (I like to imagine I am Gigi on the back of Kiki’s broomstick flying everywhere!)

Remember the Christmas season is a good time to have a party with us. Just send an email to mastercat@nekongeru.nz to arrange everything.