Greetings Humans!

We Cats are really enjoying life at the café. Lots of humans have come to pet and play with us and some of us have


found those special humans we want to stay with forever. Since the last letter we have had eleven more

Harlequin Rose

graduate: Harlequin Rose, Teddy, Mia, Sparrow,

Pixie and Jake, Eva, Mad Eye Moody, Missy, Ginge Klaus and Minerva.  Six are waiting for their homes to be ready: Moko, Dipsey, Mr Fox, Lotte and Sparkle. Some of you may have never heard of these cats because they came since the last letter I wrote you. We are putting


their stories on our Facebook and trying to keep our website up


dated, but things are moving fast for some of us. One cat, Missy, set a new record by getting adopted and taken home without ever being inside the cats’ room. She caught the eye of her person because she likes dogs. Well, to each their own. 


Mad Eye Moody

Since winter weather has come, some of us have gotten cat flu. At first, this meant that those who were sneezing went into quarantine but we have all been exposed, so a very thorough cleaning of the cafe and quarantine area has to happen. That may mean we are closed for a bit. Don’t worry. We will let you know through Facebook and Google and, if you have made a booking, we will inform you to help you reschedule or give you a refund. Cat flu does not infect humans, but you could pass it to your Cats at home, so please wash your hands carefully after you visit us. Dr

The Entertainment Book is on sale at the café. All the money we raise will go to the cat rescue organisations: Feral Nation, Outpawed, Upper Hut Animal Rescue, and Wairarapa Community Kitties. Ken and Richelle told me they saved lots of money using the book to get discounts and it is especially easy since they have it on their phones.

We enjoyed the Cat Bingo and the Cat Toy Making so much we will make those regular events. Quite a few people have celebrated birthdays with us and we are glad to entertain. We loved the Dr. Scratchy’s Life Drawing of us on the 18th.     Some of us were able to stay still but most of the kittens were unclear on that concept, buzzing around the room, sitting on paper and chewing on pens and pencils. It was fun to challenge the artists in this way. We are planning to create a cat themed quiz night as well. Ideas for questions are welcome.

We are still looking for a yoga instructor so if you know anyone, please put us in contact.

Our related group: Cat Lovers’ Meetup has got some good things coming up. A Meerkat Close Encounter at the Zoo was on the 15th of April and will continue at other times as long as there is interest. I think this is cool even though they are not really cats. The one with Cheetahs is far cooler! There is a Red Dog Movie Fundraiser for HUHA on the 29th of April. That’s a worthy cause even if it does have a dog in it. The Happy Cat Hour is my favourite one of all. What’s not to love? The next one is happening the 3rd of May.