Greetings Humans

I, Cait Sith, have been busy training Inky, a kitten from Feral Nation, to replace me as worker cat in the café.

training Inky is exhausting

I am ready to learn Master Cait Sith!

He is ready to go but the outbreak of Cat Flu amongst the café cats has delayed his debut. Richelle was away for a while, so Ken had to manage all the cleaning. He told me what he and the staff had to do every day. Once I learned how much it was, I understood why the café had to close an hour earlier.

The cats are all herded into the private room so they do not burn their feet on the cleaning products. Then all the toys and soft things are taken outside to be washed or sterilized. A product called Sterigene gets sprayed on every surface inside the play room and left to work for ten minutes. All the staff come to help dry off the surfaces so that the cats will be able to come back into the room.

Once the cats can come back into the play room, the private room must be blocked off so it can be sterilized. Cleaned blankets and pillows are brought in to the play room, so the cats will have places to sleep. Once the private room is dried, the cats can access all their usual areas. It takes an hour and a half to do this plus the usual cleaning of the café kitchen etc.

Of course, there is laundry to do all day because every blanket and pillowcase must be washed after it is used for one day. The wash is boosted with Detol and the temperature is 60 degrees. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the ten-day countdown after the last sneeze. It might be this Thursday, so keep hoping for us!

Lotte and Sparkle have stopped sneezing, and we hope that the Cat Flu will be completely gone soon so we can let our adopted cats go to their new homes. Also, Chenzo will return!

I can’t believe I am really going to go to a family this time

Abby, Lotte and Sparkle, Dipsy, Mr. Fox, Toby and Katie are all waiting to be allowed to go live with their new humans. Of course, we will introduce new cats as these go, but we cannot bring them all at once since they also have a quarantine process to go through before they come to the playroom. Inky needs to be a super star to make up for all those cats!

Richelle and Ken have been spending some time with their accountant going over their books to know how to best keep Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Café going strong. They reluctantly will be raising their prices on the entry and some food items. Costs keep going up all the time but Richelle and Ken will always put our care first. 

Don’t forget that the Entertainment Book is available for sale at the café and online through us. When you buy your Book through us, Feral Nation, Outpawed, UHARS and Wairarapa Community Kitties get support.