Greetings Humans!

The months keep getting harder at Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Café. There have been very few customers and the café cats keep getting sick. They even had to close the café for a few days to let the cats recover. I try to keep up Ken and Richelle’s spirits by getting them to play with me as much as possible and reminding them that sleeping, eating and bathing are the most important things for maintaining good health. 

Mr Fox and Spot Cuddle

They are staying positive. There will be some new cleaning protocols to try to protect the cats’ health. Customers will notice the shoe cleaning station beside the hand sanitiser. Even if we cats never meet another sick cat, the humans who care for them can carry their illnesses to us if they are not careful. The other changes involve sanitising litter boxes and feeding bowls. They are even making me wait until they wash their hands at home before they pet me! I try to be understanding.

Chiu had to go back to Feral Nation since he was so stressed out at the cafe. As soon as he was put in the isolation cage in the office, he became very affectionate. He clearly will be good in a quiet home with fewer cats, but I heard he likes dogs. If you or someone you know could provide this for him, please contact us or Feral Nation.


To try to bring in more customers, they are doing a few things. There’s a 10% off sale on all merchandise starting Tuesday the 4th. Fathers will get a special discount on the weekend of September 2nd. All they need to do is bring their children or show a picture of themselves with their cat.  Lunch with cats is also back: food and drink purchases over $10 per person with a half-hour entry each gets an extra half-hour entry free between 11am and 1pm. Yoga with cats has two times: Thursday afternoons 3:15-4:30 and Tuesday evening from 6-7:30. Cat Assisted Massage is fortnightly on Thursdays from noon to 4. And Cat Bingo is Wednesday the 12 of September and every month. Check the events page of Facebook or of our website.

SweetyPie in the shutters

On a very happy note, SweetyPie found her people and they took her home. She settled in well with their care. More cats will become available soon. Once they are well and we have replacement cats, Harry, Spot and Sydney will be able to go to new homes.  

We put in new climbing furniture so there are now places to do kitty parkour all around the room without touching the ground! The cafe cats have been lonely and now that they’ve recovered, we hope you can come and play with them a lot. 

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A HUGE thank you 🥰 🥰 to Petone Vet Clinic (Animates Vetcare Petone) and Dr. Hannah for coming to the cafe and checking Conner and the other cats' health today! Conner
still has coughing every once a while and also still has a noise when he breathes. However, all of the test results are okay and has been doing better! Some of the cafe cats have the same kind of cough but no noise when they breathe. We couldn't pin-point what was wrong with them. Conner continues to finish his anti-biotics and we will keep an eye on them.
Also thank you very much to all of the people who donated money for Conner's vet bill. 😍😍 We got almost $800 which covers his fist vet bill! (however, we don't know how much we need to pay for today yet...)
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Hi I’m Po. Yesterday, one of our regular customers decided to adopt me! 😻😻 Wow, I cannot believe it!! I love the cafe and my fellow friends but I would love to get all of the attention from these nice people. Looking forward to going for a trial sometime in July! 😸 ... See MoreSee Less

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We announced Yoru and Pango's official adoption (#64 & 65!) on the 18th but we couldn't put their photos. Sorry about that! It has been crazy with ringworm and Conner's sickness.
Here are the photos of the three black cats from Neko Ngeru: Jet, Yoru, and Pango! The family is happy with them and they look very happy there! Isn't it great to have a lot of black cats at your home?!
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Happy Caturday, everyone! I'm Daisy! Despite the ringworm situation, we will be busy today, Saturday the 22nd! We feel so supported and loved! all of us were washed 😾 and human staff cleaned the room thoroughly a few times so we should be nice and clean!
If you are planning to come to the cafe without a booking, please call us at 04 589 2287 to check availability.
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