Greetings Humans

Many of you have come to the café so Richelle and Ken are feeling grateful. Inky says that all the cats are working very hard, although I suspect he is working hard on his sleeping techniques. I came to supervise the cats a few times last month—they need more discipline.


There are only seven cats right now. It seems odd that more are not coming in quickly, but we have only had Jess come in since the last month. She is about 3 years old and been a mother many times but she likes humans and other cats so is well suited for us. I hope to be able to train some more as I have heard there will be some new cats coming in the next few weeks. 

Since we had so few new cats, we had to slow down the adoptions. However, we did see Lola, Elle and Nesbit go to new homes last month. Richelle and Ken had almost given up hope that Lola would find a human she could love, but I knew it would happen. She just had to find someone to appreciate her independent spirit. I heard that she is quite content as an only cat.

Elle’s new companion

Elle has also found a good match in a loving home. She is devoted to her new family, sleeping on the daughter’s bed and comfortable with their daily routine. But, whenever visitors come, she still hides. I understand not everyone can be as brave as I am.

Nesbit’s new human mom.

Nesbit is a great success with his new family. He is full of so much love. Although I think ‘love bites’ are a perfectly natural way to express my feelings, Richelle does not like them. She was trying to teach Nesbit not to be so exuberant. Well, the new family reports that that habit has just about stopped. That’s some self-discipline, Nesbit!

The other news is that Ken and Richelle are trying new menu items and making them from scratch. There’s always a hot, homemade soup; pulled pork sandwiches (influenced by Richelle’s Californian heritage), and choux a la crème that are my favourite catler Julia’s secret recipe.

pulled pork sandwich

choux a la creme








We look forward to seeing lots of students and their families during their school holidays. It would probably be a good idea to book online or call to check if there is space when you are planning to come to see us at the café. We do not want you to be disappointed. See you soon and thanks again!

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Happy Caturday, everyone! I'm Sage, one of the 5 kittens from Dump Cats! And Saxon's with me. Smooches, Shylo and Sabbath are also here now. 😸 The cafe is full from 3pm to 4pm but we do have some space at other times. Give us a call at 04-589-CATS (2287) to check availablity! ... See MoreSee Less

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Rachel of DumpCats went to her new home yesterday for a two week trial. She is adoption 57. We miss her but are sure she will be very happy with her new family. By the way, we are open tomorrow. There are five new kittens out in the cafe. Call ahead to book a time or try your luck. ... See MoreSee Less

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Enjoy Easter Holiday like Athena, everyone!! 😂 We are closed today, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday but we are open tomorrow Saturday the 20th!
BTW, Athena is still available! 😄
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Thank you Dominion Post and the someone who submitted this photo! We can see Harry (now Jasper) and Sydney (Zoro) so the other black & white cat must be Spot! They are all doing great in their furever homes!! #adoptdontshop #nekongeru #petoftheday #tuxedocats #catswindow #catsanddogs ... See MoreSee Less

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Please meet Saxon (black) and Sage (tabby) from Dumpcats! They are part of a litter of five and the other 3 will join them soon. They are quite shy so please be patient with them! #nekongeru #kittensofinstagram #kittens #blackcats #tabbykitten #blackkitten ... See MoreSee Less

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