Greetings Humans (Mi Two told me you like this)

I’m so excited to be writing to you telling you all about what has happened these last two weeks. There has been so much and it has all been a lot of fun.

Most importantly, cousin Ton is now playing with me. He’s a bit moody but can be fun to chase and wrestle with when he feels like it. We run around the house at night when he comes in and sometimes now he comes back in the day time to play with me. I like to try to eat his food just to annoy him or if I am hungry and my bowl has been left empty by Ken and Richelle.

Ken has learned to play fetch with me. I bring a toy to him and he throws it every time. I would say his training is going well. They take me for walks every day and I enjoy making them run to catch up with me and checking every tree to see how high I can climb. The only things I don’t like are cars. They are so noisy. I get really scared when they go by. I don’t like to be inside them much either since it is hard to keep my balance when they move.

Richelle and Ken need these walks to relax from all that they are doing to start the café. I hear them talking about all the things they have to buy, meetings and interviews they have to do and decisions they have to make. They have gotten laundry tubs, a commercial dishwasher, bar chiller, benchtop cold display case, washer and dryer, refrigerator and freezer, coffee tables, chairs, and even some old rimu church pews but they have a lot more to go. Their interviews are mostly with potential catlers—or cat butlers for the café. They say making coffee is important too, but I’m sure that care of cats is going to be the main thing. Another type of interview was for an editorial in Petone Street Scene. I love most kinds of attention but Ken and Richelle say that media attention is very important to them right now. They have also had meetings about your human food supply and for our veterinary care and products to sell in the retail section. Of course, they meet at the café site to decide how that will look. I did not go back to the site yet, but Penne their designer made me a high viz vest so I will be safer when I go. Her cat Maggs modeled it for me and I appreciate that. Tonight, Ken and Richelle are going to take me to a Pledgeme meeting. They say I will get lots of petting and they will bring the buggy so I can safely take a rest and be out of danger on the streets when they take me to and from the car. They wish the crowdfunding campaign were going better but they consider this a learning experience. I am glad they are taking this attitude, as I keep telling them, everything is a potential toy.