Rechargeable Laser Pointer (NEKO NGERU branded)


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Our own branded laser pointer has an integrated USB port so that you don't need a charging cable or battery! Now we have a new colour bright Cheer Red as well as Pink Gold. It has three functions, red laser pointer, torch light and ultraviolet light, which could be useful for finding urine and some stages of ringworm fungus.

* DO NOT point at cats/human eyes directly with laser light.
* It is recommended that you DO limit play time with laser pointer and reward with a real treat or toy after play with laser pointer because chasing the uncatchable red dot could be frustrating for a cat.
Colour: Cheery Red
Length: 10.5cm
Diameter: 1.5cm
Made in China
   * If you live at a rural address, please choose "Rural Shipping" on checkout. 


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