House Rules

The cat room belongs to the cats. Humans must follow their rules so hear what they say.

Health and Safety

We want you to sanitize your hands before you enter our area. Please don’t try to climb on our furniture. It was made for us and will not hold you safely. We have provided human chairs and tables for your use.

Don’t spoil us

DO NOT feed us, please, even if we beg you for it. Your food is bad for us in many ways. You bring your food to the cat area at your own risk. Please keep an eye on it since some of us might try to steal it from you. Even though we are not hungry, we are curious.

Use quiet voices

We are sensitive to loud noise. Please speak quietly in our room, silence your phone and take calls outside of the area.

Be Patient

Take a seat or hold your hand palm down a few centimeters from one of our noses so we can sniff you. We recommend grabbing a toy instead of one of us. We will come to investigate you when we feel like it and no sooner. Some of us are intrigued by people who ignore us.

Let sleeping cats lie

If you see one of us is sleeping, please do not disturb us. Think how you would feel to be woken up from a good nap!

Be gentle

Please don’t do anything we don’t like. Let us climb onto your lap of our own free will. Imagine how you would feel if a giant came to your house and wanted to play with you. You might be cautious too.

Pictures are encouraged but without flash

Please turn your flash off, tag #nekongeru to your photo and post it!

Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult

We raise our kittens to obey us: you should do the same.

Keep a close eye on your children, for their safety and ours. Please explain these rules to your children. If anyone is abusing us, the staff will ask you to leave.

First Aid

We cannot be responsible for biting or scratching you. Sometimes we get excited in rough play or we can react when we are scared. That’s how we are. The café workers have a first aid kit. Feel free to use it.