Patch – Stay Pawsitive


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Embroidered iron-on patch.  Cat's paw upraised to communicate unity and encouragement with punning wording: "stay pawsitive" will show your positive outlook, your love of cats and your wit. Cat's paw has brown/grey tabby markings and pink toe pads. Paw background is white encircled by pink and black bands with the lettering STAY PAWSITIVE in black. Patch is circle shaped.

Size: 7.2cm diameter
Made in China
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Iron-on Instructions:

  1. Preheat iron to cotton setting;
  2. Pretest your fabric for heat tolerance at this setting [in a place that won't show when you wear it] If the fabric cannot tolerate this heat, you cannot use the iron to attach the patch and should only sew it on.
  3. Place the patch on the surface of the cloth,  Cover the patch with a cotton cloth.  Iron for 10-15 seconds, tacking it into position.
  4. Turn garment inside-out and, with your heated iron, apply pressure for 20-25 seconds to the back of where your patch has been tacked.
  5. If you want the patch to be more secure, Sew along the side of the patch.


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