Graduated Cats

Happy stories of our adopted cats

Oscar (graduate’s #45)

My Story

I, Oscar, was also rescued from the dump and didn’t get much time with my mother. I will probably always have to overcome distrust of humans at first, but I have been learning that some of you are very good. Cait Sith trained my sister and me at the Okada house. Play is the way to my heart. Once I trust you, I love to be petted and brushed. I am looking forward to lots of play and petting here at the café as soon as I overcome my fears.

On 4th of December, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=)


Ophelia (graduate’s #44)

My Story

I, Ophelia, was rescued by Dump Cats. I had a very good time with them and got the reputation for being a rowdy, zoomie, chatty girl. People are great. I love hanging out, helping with crafts, watching TV or whatever. It takes me a while to relax though, so at the café, I’ll be hiding until I feel comfortable. I get on well with other cats. Hazel is my friend and we may play again once I get comfortable. Loud sounds like lawn mowers really scare me but dogs and babies are okay.

On 30th of November, I went to the furever home with Hazel. (=^・^=)


Hazel (graduate’s #43)

My Story

I, Hazel, was rescued by Dump Cats just in time to save my life. I had a drinks plastic holder tight around my neck. It was getting so uncomfortable! Maybe I am bold, but I love to be petted by humans. Some call me quirky but I just love to be loved. Ophelia is my friend from a while back. Dogs and babies are okay.

On 30th of November, I went to the furever home with Ophelia. (=^・^=)


Cleo (graduate’s #42)

My Story

I, Cleo, was surrendered to Outpawed when I had my kittens. But, that wasn’t my fault. I like people a lot and tolerate other cats pretty well. I mean, I don’t like to play with them but I will share a bed if they are nice. I would love it if you find me to give me a cuddle.

On 29th of November, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

 I, Trixie, come from Hawkes Bay where I lived with a lot of other cats—a kind of tame colony. My person was not supposed to have so many of us since she could not care for any, so UHARS rescued me and some others like Biyon. I am brave and easy going. I love being petted but I do not need to put myself forward.

On 6th of November, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=)


Harry & Sydney

Our Story

We, Harry & Sydney, was rescued by FeralNation. We are not real brothers but foster brothers! We are so glad that we were adopted together!! (Sorry to another foster brother, Spot, but he will go home with Uncle Conner!) 

On 23rd of October, we went to the furever home together. (=^・^=)


Lotte & Sparkle

Our Story

Hey, we are Lotte and Sparkle. Wairarapa Community Kitties rescued us and brother, Mr. Fox from the bush. We love snuggling and playing and being with humans. We have all been chosen by nice people, but will live at the café until they are ready to take us home. I love people and trust easily.

On 24th of September, we went to the furever home together! (=^・^=)



My Story

My name is Chiu because it means bear in Vietnamese. My people had to go back there and could not take me. FeralNation cared for me and brought me to the café. Although I am big, I am scared of the other cats. Once I get to trust people, I am very cuddly. I hope I find a home where I am the only cat and I can stay inside with you. My ears will get sunburnt if I go out.

On 22nd of September, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=)


Mr. Fox

My Story

Hey! Foxy here, but I got renamed Mr. Fox as a sign of respect. Who’s forward? I just need all the attention I can get. We love snuggling and playing and being with humans. We have all been chosen by nice people but will live at the café until they are ready to take us home.

On 11th of September, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I’m called SweetyPie because I like humans. My person had to go into care for dementia so his daughter tried to keep me. Her cats were mean to me, so KittyCat Rehoming Wairarapa took me in. I am adjusting slowly to life at the café. I will learn how to get along with the other cats here and then I will come out to cuddle with you. I need a home where I will stay indoors because I am allergic to fleas.

On 26th of August, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I, Nox, was born in the dump at Carterton. My siblings, except for Nesbit, all got eaten by stoats but we survived and got rescued. The people of Dump Cats rescued us and brought us to Neko Ngeru. I tend to be a bit more reserved than my brother but I still love to play and cuddle.

On 21th of July, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I, Nesbitt, was born in the dump in Carterton. My littermates, except for Nox, were all eaten by stoats but we survived to be rescued by Dump Cats. They brought us to Neko Ngeru. I take life by the throat, whether I am playing or getting petted. If you do not like a strong personality, choose another cat because I will love you with my teeth and claws too.

On 26th of June, we went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I , Lola, was hanging around the Panhead Brewery for a week or so and a kind person took me to UHARS in October. I spent two months there and came here to Neko Ngeru in December. I’m shy but I like cuddling and getting petted. The other cats think I am psycho but I will climb into your lap if you are gentle enough.

On 20th of June, we went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

Hi, I’m Elle from FeralNation. I had tough life before I was rescued. My previous owner never de-sexed me so I had litter after litter but he was not happy about it. My last litter was killed by the owner’s dog.   I had a litter again and the owner tried to kill me and my babies but a kind neighbor rescued us and handed us to FeralNation. My babies were all adopted and I got spayed, so I don’t need to worry about that any more. It is like I am a kitten again. 

On 8th of June, we went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I, Katie, come from Outpawed. I am not shy. Once, I stole and ate a raw potato just because. I have not tried stealing food here at the café, but that does not mean I won’t. Watch your plates and glasses, humans!  Many people think I am just a kitten. That’s because i was a kitten when I had my kittens. Everything I ate went to them. I still feel like I can never get enough food. Already, two families have chosen me for their next member, but for one reason or another I am still here. Maybe the third time will be lucky for me.

On 19th of May, we went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I, Dipsy, come from Outpawed. My sister, Po, and I were born by Caesarian section. Our mother went back to the Levin colony where she was before but she found a human neighbor there to adopt as her own. I am happy here in the café since I found out that humans are good for giving me head scratches and body rubs. Also, I absolutely love to play!

On 19th of May, we went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I, Toby, come from Outpawed. I was stray tom for about a year living in Bunnings in Palmerston North. Occasionally, I set off their alarms but I got good at stealing food in their café. Even though I was treated roughly, I love people and will jump up to your hand if you don’t reach down to pat me. I spend more time in the privacy room. If you don’t watch out, I will try to boss you around, so you have to be firm but gentle with me.

On 18th of May, we went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I’m Smoochie. My home was in Porirua until I had kittens. A kind neighbour stepped in to prevent them being given away when they were only two weeks old. They gave me away too. But, it all turned out well. Outpawed found good homes for my babies and brought me to Neko Ngeru where I got my new name because of the marks around my mouth. I hope this proud new name will lead to a life in an affectionate home.

On 11th of May, we went to the furever home. (=^・^=)


Minerva (Minnie)

My Story

My name is Minerva. I was rescued by Dump Cats from the Carterton tip a week after they found Moo. (Mad Eye Moody) We are probably related. I take my time to determine the wisdom of each action so I look timid. I just need a patient person who will understand me so I can sit on their shoulder and view the world.

On 16th of April, we went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I, Ginge-Klaus, come from Outpawed. I grew up wild in Palmerston North until I was four months old. Now I love humans and desperately want their petting.  Other cats are okay, but I am nervous about living with so many here at the café. I hope someone will take me home soon.

On 16th of April, we went to the furever home. (=^・^=) Save & Exit


Mad Eye Moody (Moo)

My Story

My name is Mad Eye Moody. I was rescued by Dump Cats from the Carterton tip. When I was found, my eye was so infected, it looked like I had only one. That’s how I got my name. Even now, when it has healed thanks to the heroic efforts of my fosterers, I still do not see well on one side. Sometimes that makes me jumpy. Do not sneak up on me! I am not much into snuggling, but you can pet me all you like. A nice person already wants to give me a safe home. Maybe you can meet me before I go there.

On 13th of April, we went to the furever home. (=^・^=) Save & Exit



My Story

I, Missy, came from KittyCat Rehoming Wairarapa. I was abandoned on the outskirts of Carterton. I was the mother of 4 kittens. At the foster home, I stayed with dogs, so they don’t bother me. And I’ve already met someone at the café who is willing to adopt me! She will have 2 dogs so was looking for a cat who is good with them. That’s me! I need to cure my weepy eyes before she comes to see me next time.

On 13th of April, we went to the furever home. (=^・^=) Save & Exit



My Story

I, Eva, was rescued by Feral Nation. My kittens and I were being given away on Facebook and a really good human took us in. I used to be called Rice but I got named for my rescuer when Feral Nation started to care for me and my kittens. They all found good homes but I am still searching. I like the humans here, but not the other cats. I hope I find a home where I can be your only love.

On 12th of April, we went to the furever home. (=^・^=) Save & Exit


Jake & Pixie

My Story

I Although we, Jake and Pixie, don’t come from the same mother, we have been inseparable since we first met in the foster care of Wairarapa Community Kitties. Maybe we don’t spend every moment together, but we know where the other is and cry when we are away. That’s why we have to stay together always.  We love humans –both big and little, other cats and even dogs! Jake is more of a go-getter, but Pixie does not hang back long. We do bite a bit when we play so watch out!

On 4th of April, we went to the furever home. (=^・^=) Save & Exit



My Story

I, Sparrow, come from UHARS. I was surrendered by my lovely human when she had to move in with her daughter who could not have a cat. I don’t really understand either. I am used to lying around and have gotten quite fluffy.  Now I am much more active so am getting slimmer. My coat is also sleeker since the humans got rid of my dreadlocks. I love sitting on the tables and knocking over the booklets. Pet me gently or I will yell at you and maybe even nip. 

On 24th of March, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=) Save & Exit



My Story

I, Mia, come from Outpawed. I am easygoing and content to stay in the background. For a long time, I stayed in the cat private room. One day I came out to play and cuddle with the humans. Now I am always playing though I am still a bit skittish if you move too fast.

On 23rd of March, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=) Save & Exit



My Story

I, Harlequin Rose, was rescued by Outpawed. I was so malnourished, I lost two of my kittens but two others are getting adopted into nice families. I like the humans on staff here since they give such nice petting cuddles. However, I am still hanging out in the ‘getting to know you cage’ with Po until we feel comfortable in the public room of the café. My goal is to get a healthy weight and grow out my long, soft, dark tortoise shell coat.

On 18th of March, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I, Teddy Bear, come from Outpawed. I was a stray tom for about a year in Palmerston North sneaking into houses to steal food from other cats’ bowls. They were so easily terrified! I am now a reformed character, have found I love kittens and especially humans, but not so much the little squealing ones. I am a bit fastidious about grooming since I am allergic to fleas. On 17th of March, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=)


Fred & George

My Story

We, Fred and George, come from KittyCat Rehoming in Wairarapa. We were born and raised in the bush until we were nine weeks old. We got to trust our foster family, but now we need to learn to trust the humans at the café. It can overwhelm us at times. We always stick together, so anyone who wants one of us has to be prepared to take two. On 11th of March, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I, Snow, come from UHARS where I was surrendered by the nice people I adopted. I was glumly in the cafe that was because I felt I was challenged by other male cats. I had to defend my position! Sorry to be mean to my fellow cats! I will be a good boy once I go to my home. On 6th of March, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I, Sharon, came from Wairarapa Community Kitties. I lost my human to dementia and my brother to illness so it is taking me a while to get over all that. I am enjoying the petting that the staff are giving me and will soon be ready to meet the customers. On 20th of February, I went to the furever home which is a boat! Isn’t that cool?!  (=^・^=)



My Story

 On 18th of February, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I was called  there but I like my new name. I was rescued from the garbage bin with my siblings. Our mum abandoned me. I had injured left eye that time and the vet doctor gave me surgery to remove my eye ball (sounds so scary!) but he could save my eye! (phew!) It is a bit difficult to see but I’m fine! On 14th of February, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I, Momo, came from the Masterton area with my mother, Mischief. We were adopted as the 1st café cats by Ken and Richelle in October and stayed at their house for a while. I could not cope with the Café environment so I went back to Ken and Richelle’s house for a while. I was ok in the cafe in the 2nd trial and a nice family decided to adopt me and Mischief together so I’m glad I went back to the cafe! On 3rdt of February, I went to the furever home. (=^・^=)



My Story

I, Mischief, came from the Masterton area with my daughter, Momo. We were adopted as 1st café cats by Ken and Richelle in October and stayed at their house for a while. I do deserve my name, but not because I am mean spirited. I loves to climb but sometimes fall and get embarrassed. I love to sing loudly in the nighttime. On 3rd of February, I was adopted with Momo so I’m very happy!. (=^・^=)



My Story

I , Charlie, came from FeralNation in Hataitai. I was quite timid, but the care of my foster family brought me out to be a loving, cuddly snuggler. Although I often hide in the box, I love to get petted. On 1st of February, I was adopted!. (=^・^=)



My Story

On 21st of January, I was adopted!. (=^・^=)



My Story

On 20th of January, I was adopted!. (=^・^=)



My Story

I, Willow, came from Outpawed Rescue Trust. I love to be petted but once I get enough I will tell you by biting or scratching! I also love to lick up water or sweets from your tumbler or plate! I love to love you, but you should watch out for my feisty temper!!

On 17th of January, I was adopted!. (=^・^=)



My Story

I, Molly, stayed in the Haven at Upper Hutt Animal Rescue Society for a month before I came to Neko Ngeru. Before that, I was bullied by other cats. I am very affectionate but also shy. On 3rd of January, I was adopted by Daniel and Steph!



My Story

I , Poppet, came from Outpawed Rescue Trust. I lived at one of the fosters home for a few months and greeting friends and visitors at that house was my job. I can handle children easily. I love to play, getting petted, and sleeping on laps.

On 27th of December, I was adopted by Joanne and Nigel and became the 1st graduated cats from the Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe! I’m happy at my furever home with my new parents. (=^・^=)



My Story

Brett lived at a camping ground at Rotorua with his family happily. He usually comes and asks to share our food when we cook so we assume he was fed by friendly campers. But one day, the owner of the camping ground decided to clear all cats from his camping ground and euthanize them. A friend of Vikki, Outpawed happened to be there and saved a family of cats and brought them back to Wellington. Most of Brett’s family have been adopted already. 

Brett was adopted by a man who lives in Kapiti Coast. 


3 All Black Kitties

We are very lucky to have a chance to take care of 3 black brothers from UHARS (Upper Hutt Animal Rescue Society). We fed them, played with them and walked with them! They went back to the HEAVEN at UHARS for de-sexing and vaccination after a month. They stayed there another 3 weeks or so and “Green” – Teddy had a chance to be adopted on the Open Day! Other 2, “Red” – Bruce and “Blue” – Justin also got adopted soon after and they went to the forever home TOGETHER!  We are super happy when we heard the stories. 

We hope they live happily ever after!!



Tonraq was named after the animation/Video game called “The Legend of Korra.” Zhi li (now Bonnie) is his sister.

Tonraq and Zhi li were dumped as kittens in the Levin area, north of Wellington. They were lucky enough to have some food put out for them by residents, but were largely left to fend for themselves. They were caught in July 2016 and spent some time with a temporary foster home and also at Outpawed. It seems like they were not feral but both were extremely timid. Maybe they were abused because of the way they were afraid of human hands, loud noises and quick movements. Zhu Li became Bonnie when she was adopted by the Kane family in January of 2017.

After fostering at Okada’s for 6 months, Tonraq attached to Richelle so much; following her around, asking to be petted and answering to her, we decided to adopt him! He still acts a bit distant with Ken but he is a very good, affectionate cat!


Bonnie (Zhu Li)


Bonnie, formerly known as Zhu li and a sister of Tonraq, is now officially adopted by the Kane family in Porirua.

Abandoned in Levine and fed by some caring people, Zhu Li and her brother Tonraq were rescued by Outpawed and fostered together. The first fosterers brought them back to Outpawed. When we first saw them, they were hiding under a couch cushion and trembling. It took about five days for Zhu Li to come out of the box, but then she really opened up to play, enjoy brushing and petting and to start to mark the house as her’s by rubbing her face against everything. 



When Ken rescued Ben, his neck was crooked and couldn’t walk straight. He must have fallen from somewhere high. A member of Bow Meow Shanghai, animal rescue group, took care of Ben since he was too small and needed 24 hours attention. Ken & Richelle took Ben to foster after a month or so. By that time, he has grown and improved a lot. He was a ball of energy and played with anything all the time.  

He was adopted by the Japanese family and made the way back to Japan in 2016. 


Bibi is one of the cats Ken & Richelle rescued in Shanghai. 

The name ‘Bibi’ comes from the Japanese word “Bibiri” which means “spooked.” After his Mom left Bibi alone, he hid all day long under the wall. He has been hiding under the sink in Ken & Richelle’s home and didn’t come out by himself. for the first week or so (you can see him hiding in the drawer in the video below.)  

Bibi was adopted by a fellow teacher in the same school of Ken & Richelle and became a good buddy with her son Joseph. We believe Bibi is moving to the US with the family.  



Minnaloushe was rescued in the Ken & Richelle’s compound in Gubei, Shanghai. He was so friendly and stayed with them from the beginning. He was well fed and very trusting so he might have been abandoned by the previous owner or escaped from his home. His name Minnaloushe is from the poem “THE CAT AND THE MOON.”

Minnaloushe was so affectionate and gave us nose kisses when he got used to us. He made a loud purring noise when he was happy. He was a clever boy and could fetch and retrieve a string.

Minnaloushe was adopted by the expert family in Shanghai.