Professor Cats

All professor cats will retire to their permanent homes when we close the cafe.


Breed: Domestic Long Hair
Colour: Tabby
DOB: February. 2020
Gender: Male
Size: 4.5kg

My Story:

My family applied to get me into the Neko Ngeru School of Catcraft and Kittenry and I am so happy I got in! First, I had to pass a friendliness interview in my home. I aced it by jumping onto Ken’s lap right away. Then, my health records were scrutinized but my vet gave me a good recommendation. Next, I had to live with strangers. I showed them how cuddly and playful I can be. One morning, I didn’t get any breakfast. I fell asleep at the vet and woke up feeling a bit different. But, no worries! I am now quite comfortable at the café learning from all the other cats. Now that the cafe is closing, I look forward to being spoiled and pampered by my name sponsor who is adopting me!

Things I like: Feather toys, sparkleballs and high places